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The MONOLITH ICON is the smallest and most portable grill in Monolith's range of Kamado grills.


Like all kamado bbq's you can grill, smoke, bake and cook. It's small size means it can be used as a table-top grill or on picnics/camping etc. The grill heats up very quickly and low temperatures (100 degrees) can be maintained for up to 20 hours so that enjoyable evenings don’t come to an end too quickly. Barbecuing at the highest level.

The lid of a Monolith ICON can be removed and a grill or a steel fire plate can be placed on top. A drip tray can be attached to the fire plate for collecting fat and ash. It can be used as a Plancha- or Teppan-style grill at different temperatures. The temperature is very high in the areas directly above the heat and a little lower on the outer parts where the plate protrudes. This means you can sear food in the middle and move it to the outer parts to cook and keep warm.

Despite its compact size, the new Monolith ICON is a complete all-rounder. It is slightly lower than the classic Junior, and shares some of it's accessories, weighs 35 kg and is perfect for the balcony, where fire regulations permit, terrace or simply taking out on adventures.



SKU: 102000
  • There are 3 sizes of Kamado grill in the Monolith range:


    Le Chef – 55cm grill

    Classic – 44cm grill

    Junior – 33cm grill


    There are also 3 levels of specification available for the above Monolith grills. In order of highest spec to lowest spec, they are:


    Avantgarde (available in Le Chef and Classic sizes)

    Pro Series 2.0 (available in Le Chef, Classic and Junior sizes)

    Original (only available in Classic size)


    Monolith also make the Icon portable grill which has the same size 33cm grill as the Junior but with a shallower firebox.

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