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This is a stripped down version of Monolith's Classic model. Like all Monoliths, it is an ideal choice for grilling, baking, smoking, smoking and cooking. 

It offers the same quality levels which can be found right across the Monolith range though has been simplified by the omission of the chip feeder system and the use of painted steel for the hinge and banding rather than the stainless steel used in other Monolith models, plus it is only available in one standard format, colour black with cart and bamboo side shelves ensuring that Monolith quality can be offered at a lower price option.

As with all Monolith models the options for cooking on the Monolith Basic - Black with Cart can be widened with accessorries from Monolith's extensive range, such as a rotisserie, cast iron grid, pizza stone, wok and stand or fire plate, or it can easily upgraded with the Pro-Series Firebox and/or Smart Grid System.

Cooking temperatures can be achieved rapidly due to a chimney effect meaning you can cook within 15 minutes of lighting using much less fuel during preheating with the ceramic keeping most of the heat in so external temperatures are much lower. The heat retention capabilities of the ceramic are such that a Monolith Kamado is fantastic to use in winter being perfect for creating hearty winter stews and slow braised dishes.

All kamados are truly versatile in the temperatures and types of cooking which can be achieved while the highly temperature resistant ceramics that a Monolith Kamado looks good year in year out plus is very low maintenance being backed up with a Lifetime warranty on the ceramic and 5 year warranty on all metal parts.


COOKING AREA: 44cm diameter


SKU: 201000
  • There are 3 sizes of Kamado grill in the Monolith range, they are:


    Le Chef – 55cm grill

    Classic – 44cm grill

    Junior – 33cm grill


    There are also 3 levels of specification available for the above Monolith grills. In order of highest spec to lowest spec, they are:


    Avantgarde (available in Le Chef and Classic sizes)

    Pro Series 2.0 (available in Le Chef, Classic and Junior sizes)

    Original (only available in Classic size)


    Monolith also make the Icon portable grill which has the same size 33cm grill as the Junior but with a shallower firebox.

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