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The Monolith Avantgarde is the highest specification BBQ in the Monolith range. It is the result of many years of development and testing by Monolith. It is the epitome of quality and functionality in a kamado bbq. Every detail has been carefully considered and designed. They include high-quality silicate ceramics, stainless steel fittings including a new hinge system, mechanically secured stainless steel and glass fibre seal, redesigned cast iron top valve, and LED lighting in the handle.

Monolith started the development utilising all the existing innovations in their PRO series 2.0 - the stainless steel glass fibre seal, the adapter for connecting digital control units, the incredibly versatile grill grate system SGS (Smart Grid System) giving 4 grill height settings and the option to expand to three tiers of grill grate, plus all the other features which Monolith are now noted for.

The Monolith Avantgarde has an acid resistant mineral glaze which will withstand all weather conditions with all metal exterior fittings made from high grade stainless steel.


One of our favourite feature of this grill is the two LED lamps that are integrated into the handle enabling your cooking area to be brightly lit in dim conditions.


Like all Monolith Kamado grills, you can barbecue, smoke, bake, sear or roast on this grill and with the addition of a BBQ Guru Kit you can control the temperature via your smartphone.


Monolith Avantgarde comes in 2 different sizes with the Monolith Avantgarde cart available separately.


SKU: 301000
PriceFrom £1,790.00
  • There are 3 sizes of Kamado grill in the Monolith range, they are:


    Le Chef – 55cm grill

    Classic – 44cm grill

    Junior – 33cm grill


    There are also 3 levels of specification available for the above Monolith grills. In order of highest spec to lowest spec, they are:


    Avantgarde (available in Le Chef and Classic sizes)

    Pro Series 2.0 (available in Le Chef, Classic and Junior sizes)

    Original (only available in Classic size)


    Monolith also make the Icon portable grill which has the same size 33cm grill as the Junior but with a shallower firebox.

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