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Weather cover available in 2 sizes with Avant Garde logo for use with Le Chef and Classoc Monolith Kamado Grills with carts.

It is made of an oxford nylon tarpaulin cover which provides optimal protection against rain, snow and dirt for your Monolith Avantgarde including cart and side shelves.


SKU: 301010
PriceFrom £75.00
  • There are 3 sizes of Kamado grill in the Monolith range, they are:


    Le Chef – 55cm grill

    Classic – 44cm grill

    Junior – 33cm grill


    There are also 3 levels of specification available for the above Monolith grills. In order of highest spec to lowest spec, they are:


    Avantgarde (available in Le Chef and Classic sizes)

    Pro Series 2.0 (available in Le Chef, Classic and Junior sizes)

    Original (only available in Classic size)


    Monolith also make the Icon portable grill which has the same size 33cm grill as the Junior but with a shallower firebox.

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