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The Fat Hammock is commonly referred to as a “hammock quilt” due to its thickness and softness. The top-quality material, Agora, is exceptionally protective against UV bleaching, water-repellent, proof against mildew, resistant to dirt and extremely easy to clean. This hammock gives the benefit of two-colour palettes in one, with a special coating on each side providing protection against local soiling which can be easily removed by light brushing or vacuuming.


The Fat Hammock is available with or without the Argus Hammock Frame.


The Arcus Hammock Frame is made from high quality Larchwood. It's difficult to showcase the quality of the wood in pictures, but when compared to other stands it is very noticeable - Many of the worlds most expensive superyachts use larchwood extensively in their structures.


The Arcus Hammock Frame's clever chain design allows the stand to be used with hammocks of any size. Easy to assemble and simply stunning!  An attractive addition to any garden. 


XXL Fat Hammock

Lying Surface -  187-237 x 146 cm

End to End Length - 365cm

Length Spreader Bar - 140cm

Weight 14.5kg

Load Capacity - 200kg


Arcus Frame

Fits Hammocks with length 340cm - 420cm

Dimensions - 437cm(L) x 145cm(W) x 160cm(H)

Weight - 38kg

Load Capacity - 200kg


PriceFrom £500.00
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